I emailed two pictures of myself with my new hair cut to my parents since I won’t see them until I go home in May for my dad’s 60th birthday celebration.  I knew my dad would hate it, as he loathes short hair on women, and that my mom would love it, as she adores short hair on women.  My mom sent an email right away telling me that – surprise, surprise! – she loved it.  She wondered what made me do it and also what Husband thought of it.

My mom did not mention my dad’s reaction, and I did not get an email from him, so I called home yesterday to chat them up about it.  When I spoke to my dad, he said he did not like it, but that he was OK about the situation since there was time for it to grow back a bit before he saw me in May.  I asked him what he would do if I decided that I liked it and kept getting it cut short.  There was a long pause.  “You know I hate short hair on women,” he started, “but as long as Husband says it is OK for you to keep it like that, I’ll have to accept it.”

Yes – you read that correctly.  My father told me that my husband has control over how I wear my hair.  I am fairly certain that he didn’t quite mean what he said, but yeesh.