>Tuesday night, I got home around 11:00 pm. Due to my extremely bad judgment, I only slept two hours the prior night because I drank about a liter of Pepsi One right before I was supposed to go to sleep. I also had a very busy day at work with one meeting after another and lots of scrambling to get shit done. Needless to say, I was damn tired.

Still, I had to do a few things online for my volunteer organization, and I wanted to find out what happened with the Share the Love Blog Awards. I checked my email and found the following.

From: Your parents
Sent: Tuesday, February 28, 2006 9:34 PM
To: Our daughter
Subject: Hiss! Boo!

Sorry you didn't win, but you gave them a run for their money and hopefully had fun doing it.
That's the main thing. Besides, you're always a winner in our book!

Proud Papa and Mama ( a good white trash-sounding phrase, if I ever heard one!)

While I was disappointed (but not surprised) at my loss, I felt very lucky to have such great parents. How many parents would not only read their nutty daughter’s blog about pubic hair and other insane topics, but be proud of her for it? Not many, that’s for sure. It just made me really happy. (Although I point out that we are not white trash. We are Jewish white trash, which is very, very different.) I so love my family.