>Only five days remain until I depart with my in-laws and co. to the Caribbean.  This means that I had to do something about my furry “winter” legs and arm pits.  Worse, it meant I had to do something about my bikini line if I planned to swim.  I so dreaded the thought of shaving that I considered forgoing the clear blue waters of the sea, but then realized I was being completely insane and had to bite the bullet to make the most of my trip.

As I shaved, it occurred to me how dangerous it can be on the bikini trail.  Careful navigation with the tool is required.  One little slip of the razor, and some sensitive parts could have some unpleasant cuts.  I am glad I don’t have to put myself at such risk on a regular basis.  I wonder why anyone else would unless they were frequent swimmers.  On the other hand, if I was a frequent swimmer, I would definitely buy a pair of boys’ or small men’s swim trunks, wear them over my bathing suit or (gulp) with a bikini top, and avoid the problem completely.  I should have done that for this trip, but of course only I thought of it now, and as long as I already subjected myself to the blade, I might as well just wear a normalish suit.  Next Caribbean cruise I go on for my in-laws’ anniversary.  Right….