>Some time within the last few months, I vaguely remember reading that a cruise ship was hit by a super ginormous rogue wave. It turns out that that ship happens to be the one I am on now, the Norwegian Dawn. Yesterday while we were sitting on the pool deck eating lunch Mother-in-Law mentioned that she learned that there were previously two additional hot tubs on the ship, but they were obliterated by the rogue wave. For some reason, this knowledge makes me respect the ship a whole lot more.

I mention all of this because we are on some mildly rough waters as we speed back to New York. The waves are fascinating. I sat in my cabin for the last few hours watching them, waiting for one to hit my window. So far, only one or two have. Yet it’s the most fun I’ve had onboard this entire trip. I’m not sure if that says more about me or the quality of the entertainment offered by the ship.

No matter how interesting the waves are, I’m really looking forward to getting home tomorrow afternoon. Husband and Theo are looking forward to it as well. Being on solid ground for more than a few hours a day will be great. It will also be nice to give Tycho, my giant pet rabbit, a pat on the head. As Dorothy said, there’s no place like home!