>I had hoped to share the thrill and excitement of yesterday's Hariy Chest Contest, except the crap internet service is not enabling me to upload my pictures. So I will post them when I return.

Anyway, things are looking up, although I still have a vile cold that developed on Thursday. (I am finally hacking up the infected mucus, so I hope to be better by Wed.) Yesterday, I took in the Hairy Chest Contest, read, and generally relaxed today. Even better, today we arrives at St. Thomas. Husband, Brother-in-Law, Brother-in-Law’s Girlfriend (BiLG from now on), and went on a cool excursion involving a 72 pound helmet that resesmbles those worn by deep sea divers and a 30 minute walk along a path 10-20 feet underwater. Lots of fish swam by and I held all sorts of odd sea creatures. Pictures to come.

The best thing I learned today is that there is a sea critter called the Donkey Dung Sea Cucumber. Yes, it looks exactly like a big turd. But it is very velvety to touch. I suspect donkey and other dung is not, but hope I will never found out.

I also decided today to get over my stupid body image complex and deal with the fact that it is OK that I do not have a perfect figure. It was very nice. We'll see how long it lasts.

Tomorrow, we are arriving in the British Virgin Islands and Husband and I are are signed up for a walking tour of Road Town. Looking forward to it.