>Last night Husband I went to an Oscar party at our friends’ apartment.  The couple had invited a few other people that we didn’t know.  One of them was a very nice woman who taught bilingual special education kindergarten, a job that I do not envy her.  We chatted amicably as the evening progressed, but I nearly did a spit take when she turned to another guest and complimented her dominatrix-looking books.  

Now, I have nothing against interesting boots, but these were Wicked Witch of the East pointy toed stilled fake snake skin, fake lace up monstrosities that never, ever should have seen the light of day.  The sweet woman herself was wearing some hideous pointy toed sling backs, and she noted that whenever she wore them to school, the kids would freak out because they thought the toes on her shoes would injure them.

The lesson here is that sometimes the people who are afforded the least voice in society are the ones who speak the truth most loudly.