>The truth is that I don’t hate Valentine’s Day nearly as much as I pretendto.  Mostly I hate it as much as I hate any contrived “holiday” designed toforce people to spend money on dumb gifts or feel guilty.  I also hate itthe commercial emphasis on needing to be with that special someone on VD often causes lonely people feel worse about their situations.

You know what else I hate?  I hate fucking idiot twats who don’t understand how the world works, and that there are many types of people in it, not just the super rich and the super poor.  I also hate bitches who wear stiletto heels after a blizzard and then seem surprised when they slip in 8 inches of slush.  Finally, I hate ads that start out promising by having a giant headline that says, “You’ve got better things to do than spend time shaving!” and then conclude by noting that you should spend $750-$1,000 on laser hair removal when the obvious conclusion to that statement is, “So tell the world to fuck off and don’t do it!”

(OK, I am pleased that my co-worker gave me fresh avocados that her mom sent her from her tree in California and that I got an awesome card from Husband in which he noted that he appreciates my oddity, so all in all I am actually in a good mood.)