>Greetings from San Francisco! So far I have had a lovely weekend out here. Husband had me upgraded to business class for the flight out, so that was good, although the service was not as attentive as it was on my way to London. I’m not complaining, just observing. I had a delicious (seriously) salad with marinated chicken breast, goat cheese, and strawberries for lunch. For dessert, they ran out of the cheese and fruit plate (fuckers!), so I had the same chocolate ice cream with blackberry sauce and “white chocolate crème brulee squares” that taste exactly like cheesecake. The movie was Walk the Line, which I realized is probably not best seen censored on a plane. Oh well. The performances were good.

We arrived, checked into the Palace Hotel (yes, Husband is traveling for business!), and then hopped on BART to get to the Pirate Store. It was OK, but slightly disappointing because it was super tiny. They sell glass eyes starting at $9, so it was still pretty cool. I was hoping that Husband bought one for me for Valentine’s Day, but I don’t think he snuck in a purchase before we left.

The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out with friends and in my case, working a bit, which sucked but at least it was with good people, so it didn’t suck too badly. The weather is fantastic. We went to the gym as well. I always like going to the gym in SF because women here are almost always au naturel and prance about the locker room as if they were preening peacocks. Not that I want to see other women’s unshaved snatches, but I way prefer it to my gym at home where the unshaved generally hide while the landing strips and the 12-year-old naked crotches prance. (Although that is changing as well, which is why I believe they are tearing my gym down in Oct. – Conspiracy Against Unshaved Snatch.)

Anyway, that’s how things have been here thus far. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I packed my suitcase at 10:30 at night on Friday, but I stupidly threw in my Cosabella Talco thing with the rhinestone B. I figure I will wear it today and get it over with. Hopefully I will not be picking it out of my ass as I present to a group this morning...

I probably won’t be able to post as often as usual while I am out here given my work schedule, but I will do my best.