>I was super excited and pleased yesterday to buy a new scary bear hat!  I googled the craftspeople who made my prior hat and discovered that they have a stand at a flea market on weekends on the corner of Spring and Wooster in Soho.  When I got there, they only had two left – one in a furry light blue material, and one in a gray nubby fleece.  While I loved my first scary bear hat, I do think this one is a little bit better due to the thick nubby fleece.  Dr. P suggested that I have the Giant Stuffed Penis model it for CUSS since he’s been inactive lately.  I thought that was brilliant, and GSP seemed pleased to be back in action, so to speak.

Yesterday was also great because my second oldest friend, who I met at Hebrew school in Skokie, IL when I was in 6th grade, came to visit me.  I always have such a good time when I see her.  She came in for a crazy Modern Orthodox bat mitzvah in Long Island, but used the opportunity to also see me and Husband in the City.  Sadly, she’s leaving this afternoon because she has a cute baby at home that she misses.  However, I am glad that we had a full 24 hours, and I look forward to seeing her again (and her cute baby and wonderful partner) when I go home in May.