>I cannot believe that I forgot to mention the craziest room I saw at the Masonic Hall on Monday! I chalk this oversight up to my increasing age and senility, but there really is no excuse. Hands down, the strangest room at the Masonic Hall is the Grand Lodge Room. My tour guide, who was approximately 150 years old by my estimate, told me that the Grand Lodge Room is an exact replica of the ballroom on The Titanic, and was built to in memorial to “all the victims who drowned.” (I noticed that the brochure about the Masonic Hall does not mention this, though, so I am a bit suspicious.) He insisted that if I dance with him, it would be just like dancing on The Titanic (except without the death and destruction and all that, of course). The Masons have a picture of it on their website, which I downloaded, so you be the judge: Titanic ballroom or not Titanic ballroom:

I never thought I would say this, but damn I love Mondays!