>In keeping with the strict low brow standards required by the Code of Jewish White Trash (definition: a nice Jewish lower middle class family with a quirky sense of humor living in an upper middle class suburb in a small but comfortable house that is falling apart and is located next to an expressway), I posted a picture of my mom in one of her t-shirts from the ‘70s that she still wears today. As I was thinking this morning about the Share the Love blog awards, I realized that TODAY (Feb. 27!) is the last chance to vote for CUSS for Best Humor. This reminded me of my dad’s Jewish White Trash T-shirt from the early ‘80s that had a cartoon of a trashy hick sitting on a bale of hay and said “Last chance before the freeway.” Only in the last few years did I realize that the woman was a prostitute. (I will try and find a picture of this gem and post it.)

Anyway, to paraphrase the t-shirt hooker’s wisdom, this the last chance to vote for CUSS for Best Humor at the Share the Love blog awards before the freeway. Click here to cast your vote. Thanks!