>The last two days have sucked the shit out of my asshole.  (I wonder if that is really why I haven’t crapped for two days – there’s nothing left.  I wish bad days would also suck the gas out of my asshole in that case, as I’ve had some uncomfortable gas pockets.)  Seriously, they’ve been stressful and full of unpleasant situations.  I’m exhausted, and I came home today completely worn down.

Just as we were leaving for the gym, Husband reminded me that 11 years ago today, we went on our first date.  I felt awful since I forgot such an important day, so I started bawling.  Husband noted that he didn’t remember until the end of the day, either, so I felt a smidgen better.  After contemplating it for a bit, I actually began to feel much better because it is nice to have such a great person in my life for 11 years.  In fact, it’s damn right cool.

I’m a wee bit optimistic now.  Perhaps tomorrow will be better.  If not, at least the weekend will be upon me, and Husband and I are taking a short road trip to a fondue birthday party for my friend’s 30th birthday.  That sounds just about perfect: Husband, friends, cheese, and a road trip.