> While my overall trip to London was fantastic, it was slightly marred by the loss of my beloved Scary Bear Hat. I am actually not surprised that I managed to lose it even though the damn thing was tied around my neck at the airport; the prior day I lost my mittens, and while I was doing some field work earlier that day, I nearly lost my hat twice. Still, it was quite upsetting to discover when I got off the plane at Heathrow that I had not, in fact, put the Scary Bear Hat in my backpack for safe keeping as I had thought I had done.

This was not my first Scary Bear Hat. My first Scary Bear Hat was given to me as a gift by Steph. She procured it from Delia’s, that fine purveyor of tween clothes. The “Sherpa Bear Hat,” as Delia’s called it, fell apart within a year or two and was replaced by the new Scary Bear Hat that I bought at the Holiday Craft Fair in Union Square a few years ago. The new Scary Bear Hat even fit my head a little bit better. It was perfect in every way. I especially liked how people were confused by it:
Stranger: My, what a cute mouse hat!
Me: It is not a cute mouse hat. It is a Scary Bear Hat!!! Grrrr grrrrr!
Stranger: Uh, yeah. OK. Very scary. (Weirdo!)
Me: Grrrrrrr…..

I do hope to find a replacement for it soon. I was particularly intrigued by a musical raccoon hat that I saw some woman wearing in London, but when I asked her where she got it, I was told that she bought it in Germany years ago. (It even played a digital tune!)

If anyone happens to know where Scary Bear Hats or Rabid Singing Raccoon Hats are sold, I would be most grateful to learn.