>Everyone likes soaps, shampoos, and lotions that smell yummy. I know that, otherwise The Body Shop, Bath & Body Works, Lush, Sabon, L'Occitane and a million other boutique soap shops would not exist. (OK, there was one super tiny fancy soap shop, Soap in the City, around the corner from my apartment that went out of business, so maybe not everyone loves special overpriced soap, or maybe they only like buying it from boutique chains. I swear that new chain soap stores appear every other day in Manhattan.) However, when even I like these things, I think it is fair to say that almost everyone likes them since I do not like most “girly” products. I never actually buy boutique soap, though, because I am too cheap. Why spend that kind of money on soap when I can get regular stuff (like Dial) for less then a third of the cost? (That is why I think fancy smelly soaps make good gifts – they are semi-affordable luxury items that people can make good use of.)

The other reason that I don’t buy yummy smelling soap is precisely because it smells yummy. I just have the weirdest temptation to start eating whatever I am using, be it body gel, bar soap, or shampoo. (I never use lotion unless I absolutely must because my skin is so dry that it is cracking off my body, so I am safe when it comes to yummy smelling lotions. I hate lotion.) Intellectually, I know that if I do eat the soap or shampoo, it will obviously not taste good. Yet the urge will not go away. Does anyone else have this problem?