>Surprisingly, the thong is tolerable so far. Granted, my day has mostly consisted sitting at my desk working on various tasks:
-talking to a potential client on the phone;
-eating yogurt that tasted suspicious;
-emailing various people;
-eating fake meat turkey salad;
-having an IM conversation with a friend about a disturbing Hasidic practice (letting the mohel suck the circumcision wound clean - how fucking wrong is that) that made the news;
-eating a banana; and
-doing financial analysis on a potential client.

Perhaps if I was walking around, it would be more irritating. I shall wear it to the gym this evening and see how that goes. At any rate, it can't be any worse that that evil g-string I wore a few weeks ago.

However, my co-worker just verified that you can, in fact, see a panty line on my side. So I either need a looser thong (I should not have washed this one in warm water and dried it, according to the Cosabella Rosetta Underwear tag) or nothing makes a difference when it comes to fat bulging out over my undies.

Score thus far:
Calvin Klein Choices g-string - Completely evil
Cosabello Talco low-rise thong - tolerably evil