>I’ve been tallying up the ways that people wind up at CUSS & Other Rants.  The most common search terms that brought up CUSS on a search engine (like Google, MSN, or Yahoo – no one seems to use AltaVista these days, does it even exist any more?) are “unshaved,” “anal,” or “snatch.”  “Anal” strikes me as a curious search word because it is wide open in so many ways.  Does the searcher mean “anal” as in anal retentive or “anal” as in show me some ass?  (Probably the latter, but who knows?)

I found a lot of derivations of “unshaved” as well.  There’s the person who was looking for “unshaved bikini line” and the one who sought “unshaved legs women.”  (FYI - CUSS was the first site that popped up for unshaved bikini line – we’re #1!  We’re #1!)  Someone was researching “prevalence pube shaving.”  I thought most of the sites identified by the search engines would be porn, and was surprised to find that was not true.  Man, the porn industry is losing ground!  Kind of sad, isn’t it?  The internet industry, like the VCR industry, was built on porn.  Oh well.  Times change and there isn’t too much I can do about it.  Gotta move on and all that shit…

My very, very favorite searches that brought people to CUSS are “sand in her snatch” and “say tushie.”  Both just crack me up.  The person looking for sand in her snatch did not use quotations and thus wound up with pages of random sites that contained the words sand and/or snatch.  Other contenders for best search terms: “merkin crotch wig,” “public beach sex,” “fake vaginas,” and finally (and probably most randomly) “heath ledger” + “receding hairline.”  

I hope that these people enjoyed their time at CUSS and that they eventually found what they needed, whether it was learning a new term, winning a bet, or jerking off in a sock.