>I have a problem when it comes to overthinking an issue. Last night, I started to worry what would happen if women really stood up and said “we’re not taking this beauty bullshit any more – we look fine the way we are!” and stopped going to nail and waxing salons, buying makeup, getting ridiculous plastic surgery, etc. On one hand, I hope it would mean that women would have better self-esteem and use the time we formerly spent primping on doing things that actually make the world a better place. Yet on the other hand, how many jobs would be lost? I don’t care about the cosmetic companies’ CEOs and other execs (they are evil, unattainable dream peddlers for the most part – is a choice between two lipsticks real choice for women? I think not), the advertisers (see CEOs and other execs), or the models (at this point, aren’t most big campaigns structured around famous actresses/movie stars? They have plenty of other income). The chemists who invent the stuff will also find other, hopefully more socially valuable jobs. The fucking hack plastic surgeons might actually have to practice medicine that actually saves lives, instead of wasting resources on unnecessary surgical procedures. How crazy would that be? No, it’s the factory workers (if makeup is even manufactured in the US – I have no idea), the nail painters, the waxers, and other “little people,” frequently immigrants who will be hurt the most. That sucks. It’s fucked up that a good thing could cause so many other problems.