>I was talking to my friend who is pregnant for the second time. One of the moms in her expecting mother’s support group was telling my friend that she was upset because she usually waxes her own bikini line. As her pregnancy progresses, she is having a harder and harder time reaching down there to wax, and realizes that soon she won’t be able to do so at all. My friend was a little puzzled. “So who cares?” my friend asked her. “Even if you want to go swimming, your stomach will cover the bikini line and no one can see if there are pubes sticking out or not anyway. I swim all the time at the Y and I don't bother shaving.” The other woman was horrified. “No, the problem is that I can’t imagine going to the doctor without waxing the area first.”

OK, OB-GYNs, of all people, should know that women have pubic hair. They should be very used to seeing women, especially pregnant woman, with giant bushes. If you are pregnant and your OB-GYN is surprised to see that you have pubic hair, you should immediately find a new doctor who understands human physiology.

At any rate, pubic hair growth should be the last concern a woman has about body changes that happen during pregnancy. There's discomfort from weight gain and the increasing likelihood of pissing yourself unintentionally, as the baby may be pressing against the bladder. “Morning sickness” is a misnomer - many women are puking all day, not just in the morning. During birth, all kinds of messy fluids will pour out of your vagina. That area between the vagina and anus may get cut open or ripped to make way for the baby’s head. In a c-section, the uterus is temporarily removed from the body. Forget the unregulated growth of pubic hair - these are the things that disturb me when I think about pregnancy.