>Steph suggested that I begin a new blog called “Twat in the Big Apple.” It will be about a talentless hack who moves to New York to become a “writer.” Craziness ensues: she carouses the clubs and gets written up in Gawker.com; she quits her job at an arch-conservative network out to destroy any gains in women’s rights and self-determination because she decides that the don’t respect women; she gets a book deal and signs up for writing classes; she’s written up in the New York Post as a proud former “dinner whore” who used pervy rich men old enough to be her father so that she could get over 200 meals in fancy restaurants (worth over $30,000!); and she falls in love with a chef, which she finds ironic, although she is a woman who clearly loves good food.

Oh, wait. This blog already exists. Drats. Now my hopes for a book deal are dashed…

What’s truly sad is that the real-life blogger with such madcap adventures seems to no longer allow people to comment on her blog. (Could she not keep up with removing the nasty comments and emailing each person and calling him/her “an ignorant bitch” as I was so lucky have happen a few weeks ago?) Really, I can’t believe that there was a backlash to such a delightful specimen of the female human race. People are so mean.