>A few weekends ago, I convinced Husband to join me in watching the best Robin Hood movie ever. That would be the 1973 Disney animated version of the story. I mean, don’t get me wrong: I loved the Kevin Costner version from the ‘90s as much as anyone else. (I freakin’ saw it three times in the movie theater!!!) I’m sure that the Errol Flynn film from the 1938 was also delightful, although I never saw it and quite frankly never intend to.

There are many reasons that the Disney version kicks the asses of all the other Robin Hood flicks. First, movies with nutty animals getting poked repeatedly in the butts with sharp objects are funny as fuck, especially when said animals are rhinoceroses. Second, it uses the term “ooh-de-lally” frequently. Just saying “ooh-de-lally” cheers me up immensely. Third, it has some wonderful little insults that would be great fun to hurl at people without senses of humor, such as:

  • “You eel in snake’s clothing!” (Prince John the lion yelled this at his snake advisor Sir Hiss after one of their dastardly plans went wrong.)
  • “Old bushel britches.” (Lady Cluck, Maid Marian’s chicken lady in waiting refers to the Sheriff of Nottingham, a wolf, this way. Big John the bear also uses it for the Sherrif. I have no idea what it means, but I like it.)
  • “Scalveneer.” (Another Lady Cluck slur. Not only do I have no idea what it means, but I also am clueless on how to spell it. Maybe it is French?)

There are also two fantastic songs, one featuring the phrase “oo-de-lally,” and one a highly political song that is very applicable today. (More on that later.) I highly recommend a viewing to lift the spirits.