The picture above is of a man’s linen stocking dated circa 1660-1670 on display at the V&A Museum in London. According to the placard, “Plain hose was worn under silk hose to create a smooth line over hairy legs.” OK, that is fucking brilliant. No need to shave one’s legs! Just wear an extra pair of hose! I suspect that an extra layer of hose would also keep women warmer in the winter by allowing us to retain our body hair and to wear an extra layer to trap body heat. Plus, I’m guessing that two pairs of hose work even better than one in terms of holding in one’s gut. (Please note: the "two layers is better than one" concept does NOT work for condoms, as the latex rubs against each other and causes breakage.) For smooth and sexy legs, though, you gotta admit that the idea is very, very clever.