>As we walked around Santo Domingo, J. and I began talking about how typical Dominican women dress in the capital. Fashion in Santo Domingo is about exaggerated femininity and sexiness. They tend to wear high heels, very tight pants, and sexy lingerie.

I observed the foolishness of wearing stiletto heels to the airport as many women on my flight struggled unnecessarily to deal with their luggage as they tottered to and fro. Once I was in Santo Domingo, I noted that their shoes didn’t seem any more practical for a stroll in the city. And as I was sweating my balls off in the heat, I found it even more insane to wear skin tight pants and synthetic fabric underwear (even though I stupidly packed a pair myself - believe me, I paid for it!), which is all that seemed to be sold in lingerie shops in town.

J. and I wondered whether there was a higher rate of yeast infections in Santo Domingo than in other parts of the world. It makes some sense: Heat + humidity + tight pants + non-breathable fabric = prime conditions for a yeast infection. You could probably bake some really good bread in someone’s pants at that point. A loaf of crotch bread doesn’t sound any more appetizing than just plain old yeasty poon rot, though.