>My friend D. forwarded me the following information regarding some beliefs of the Sikh religion:

The hairs on all parts of our body is an extension of our sensitive field, an antenna.

And speaking of hair: The hairs conduct electricity and wherever they are on the body, they balance the electromagnetic charge at that part of the body. (eye brows, armpits, sexual area, chest, head, etc) When the hair is uncut it stablizes the body's electromagnetic field. Also imagine that if your hair is like a coil of electricity, that by coiling it all together at the top of the head -it will draw more electricity/energy towards it like a big electromagnet. This has the effect of pulling up the energy residing at the base of the spine (lower chakras) to the higher centers. If the hair is altered on any part of the body it will have an effect on the electromagnetic field and the physical body as well.

  • Yogis know that when the hair on the legs is cut it can result in back problems.
  • The pituitary gland and the growth of the eyebrows are related. When the eyebrows are "plucked" or altered it affects the pituitary Arc Line balance.
  • Allowing chin hair (beards) to grow helps balance the moon center at the chin and is said to stabilize the emotions.
  • Shaving interferes with the water in the body and causes swelling.

See? It is holy and healthy to have unshaved snatch, even if I don't exactly agree with the reasons. (And no, I am not mocking the religion. Just to be clear.)