>Near then end of 2005, it occurred to me that while I loved my job as a do-gooder, I also really loved working on my little writing projects. Unfortunately, my ability to actually complete any of said writing projects was extremely hindered by the amount of time I was required to spend do-gooding, and this caused me immense frustration, thus leading to displeasure with my do-gooding work. Not a good situation at all. I decided that I needed a change of some sort so that I could continue to do good, and at the same time, actually accomplish something with one of my writing projects. I needed to drop a day from my real job, and that day needed to be Monday.

I explained my angst to the Boss, noted that Mondays are awful in general, and pointed out that I would still be a productive do-gooder if I could work on Tuesdays-Fridays. The Honchos at the organization agreed. Thus I currently spend my Mondays on exciting research and writing projects that lead me to all sorts of interesting places around NYC.

This past Monday, for example, I was delighted to go to the only medical library in the US that is completely open to the public. I happily studied a current exhibit it has on Medieval surgical procedures for head wounds. The exhibit was full of rare manuscripts, antique surgical tools, and grotesque pictures. Right on! I loved it. I also went to the largest synagogue in the US and viewed its Judaica collection. Interesting stuff, although not quite as good as head wound surgery in 1554.

Yes, if Monday must exist, this is the way to spend it. I hope to have a fun update on where I’ve gone and what I’ve seen every week.