>Huzzah! I am going to London on Friday! While we definitely won’t see the Queen or even the Queen musical (We Will Rock You – Husband insisted on getting tickets for it last time I was there with him, which was Labor Day Weekend in 2004, although I warned him that it would be awful. It was probably the worst musical I have ever seen. In fact, it was so painfully bad that it was not even good in the so-bad-it-is-good-way. Husband wanted to leave 15 minutes into the show, but I insisted we had to stay for the entire production since he ignored my warnings and spent good money on it.), I know that we will have a fantastic time.

I love London. It is probably my favorite place to visit. Hopefully, the weather will hold out and we can walk around a bit. I bought City Walks: London, which is a deck of 50 cards, each with a little map on the front of a neighborhood route and description on the back of what you should look for as you walk. I would also love to visit Sir John Soane’s Museum, which has all sorts of weird stuff, including a 1300 BC sarcophagus in the basement. Also, we’ll go to the London Eye and have tea with various friends who live on the other side of the Pond.

I am so lucky that Husband is traveling there for business and that I can afford to buy a ticket to come along, even if he is flying business class and I will be in coach by myself. (To be fair, he is Executive Platinum status and put me on the upgrade list. And even if he didn’t, it is his business trip and he should not have to go a lower class just because I am coming. He might not let me come on future jaunts if he had to do that….) Flying business class also nets more frequent flyer miles, thus we will be just that much closer to a free trip to Australia in business class, so I’m not really complaining. I just find it funny that we’ll board and then say good-bye as I head toward the back of the plane with the other peons, where I completely belong.

Yay! I’m going to London! I shall bring my laptop and if time permits, I’ll file dispatches to CUSS.