>Several things that I learned from my experiment with wearing a thong:

  1. A lot of women wear thongs every day.  A lot of women also go shopping and try on pants.  That means that it is possible to buy new pants that have had other women’s naked asses in them.  I never thought about this before, but it occurred to me today when I stopped off at Ann Taylor Loft to buy a pair of wool pants.  When I went into the fitting room, I realized that due to my non-covering undergarment, my whole ass was hanging out, making trying pants on really gross.

  2. Some pants have labels or security tags sewn into the side.  While wearing normal underwear, I never noticed this before.  Yet when my whole side was exposed in my thong, the fucking tag scratched at the side of my pants all day.  I should really remove the tags in general.

  3. A thong is oddly much more comfortable than a g-string, even though the ass string is wider on a thong than on a g-string.  Maybe the thinner string gets wedged in further or maybe the fabric on the expensive thong made a big difference.  It’s a physics mystery to me why it is this way.

  4. I could never work out in a thong.  It is tolerable walking around in one and almost not noticeable while sitting at a desk all day.  Running, however, would be a nightmare.  I can’t imagine where all the crotch sweat would go, and it seems like chafing would be inevitable.  Perhaps I’ll try it another time, but tonight I wound up having dinner with a friend and getting home too late to hit the gym.  (She told me a good story about a bathroom in a bar, which I shall share in another post.)

  5. Although I had some gassy incidents this morning, the thong didn’t reek too badly.  I can’t figure it out.  Maybe the rhinestone B monogram is a magical fart smell remover.  If so, I should get one rhinestone B monogram on all my undies.

Anyhoo, now that the experiment is over, I feel sort of empty.  I’ll have to keep trying little experiments.  Plus my friend who challenged me promised to take me underwear shopping, so it ain’t over yet.