>Earlier today, I received the following insightful comment from “Anonymous:”

On another note, I read your description of yourself: a do-gooder whom loathes people. Sounds like you may benefit from some medication. I'm not being ugly, either. I have a bipolar father whom has benefited greatly from Prozac. You really need to lift that dark cloud that's enveloped you.

At first, I thought it was really funny. Then I became very excited because it dawned on me that only one person could write something like this, and that person is none other than Sen. Bill Frist (R-TN), MD!

Sen. Frist is not only the United States Senate Majority Leader, but he is also a respected heart and lung surgeon. You may recall a tiny incident last year when he made a speech on the Senate floor and said that, based on his review of a video, Terri Schiavo was not in a persistive vegetative state. He made this diagnosis after he "spent an hour or so looking at” the tape the prior night in his DC office.

Clearly, Sen. Frist spent a few minutes on my blog and decided that I must be bipolar because I am a misanthropic humanist. Goodness! You’d think he might want an expert in psychiatry to at least talk to me a bit before coming up with a doosey like that! In fact, a professional (or even average person on the street) might note that it is perfectly human to have conflicting emotions about things. Someone who really has a father who is bipolar (unlike Sen. Frist) might also note that bipolar disorder is a disease marked by periods of extreme mania and depression, not little internal conflicts about life. A person who really had a parent with bipolar disease would also know that Prozac is not really an ideal treatment for many bipolar individuals, as it is intended to treat only depression, and may cause a rapid swing into a manic state. My guess is that a person with a parent with bipolar disorder would not take it so lightly, as the effects of the illness are often devastating.

Anyway, I am glad that an important public figure like Sen. Bill Frist would take a few minutes out of his busy schedule of things he can do to destroy everything that is good about the US to try and help me. If only everyone had someone in their life who cared so much, the world would be a better place today. Brings a fuckin' tear to my eye, I tell ya.