>Yesterday I was inaccurately accused of having a vagina obsession on this very blog. While it is not untrue that I am obsessed with the cooch, I say it is inaccurate because I am obsessed with all types of things considered taboo about the human body, not just snatch. So when I met some people for dinner last night at an overpriced restaurant in the most useless and ridiculous upscale mall in America (that would be the Time Warner Center mall complex on Columbus Circle), I was quite taken with two ginormous statues – a nude man and a nude woman – in the lobby near the middle bank of escalators. I’m pretty used to naked female statues, as they seem to be everywhere; no big deal. It’s the naked dude that caught my eye. The sculptor didn’t gloss over the details – the giant statue had an appropriately big dick and sack. I wasn’t the only one, either. A young girl, maybe four years old, stood in awe, pointing at his crotch. It seems a lot of people have enjoyed Statue Guy's company, as his penis was shiny from being rubbed. Unless it was shiny because he came alive after the mall closed, like in the movie Mannequin, and took care of business himself. (Hey, male statues have needs too!)