>A few months ago, my friend Steph told me that drugstore.com started selling dildos and other sex toys. Recently my husband told me that he had $53 and change in his flexible spending account that we had to spend by the end of January. He was going to blow the whole wad on an order from drugstore.com and asked me if I wanted anything except Sudafed 12 Hour.

I don’t peruse the drugstore.com website frequently, but decided to browse for other items that might qualify for flexible spending account reimbursement. I was easily distracted, however, by the sex toys section of drugstore.com. They sell some scandalous shit on that site, I tell you. Not as scandalous as the Buddha and Jesus dildos, but for a family pharma site, I was surprised at the variety. Would you believe that they sell fake vaginas? That they have an anal sex category? (Granted, there is only one item in that category – a silicone butt plug, but still I was impressed at their forthrightness.) The funniest thing they sell are vibrating underpants. One style even has a remote control! I wondered if my husband could buy a sex chair with his FSA funds. I didn’t think so, but you never know.