>I rang in the new year with a few great friends, Scottie the Blue Bunny, and a bunch of talented burlesque entertainers. The place was crowded and we were sitting right up by the stage. I was actually sitting on the floor at the beginning, which was probably a much closer and more unique view than people usually get. One of the performers was wearing a very high cut thong, and as I stared at her just-starting-to-get-stubbly snatch area (not on purpose, but I was at a weird angle looking up from my seat on the floor), I thought how unpleasantly itchy that was going to become later in the day. I am very glad that I do not need to spend the first day of 2006 scratching my itchy crotch as my pubic hair grows back.

Another performer who seemed to like not really wearing anything and flashed her cooch a lot as she twirled a jillion sparkly hula hoops at once (which was seriously fucking awesome – now that is talent, I kid you not) impressed me because she didn’t really seem to shave her snatch. It was a small victory for CUSS, and I cherished it going into the new year.

The best performer, though, did shave her bikini line, but she did not shave her legs. I thought that was cool. In her final number, she seriously rocked a merkin and mustache when she came out as the rocker who sang lead for Quiet Riot’s “Come Feel the Noize.” She was hilarious and had fun and I adored her. Pinky Star, you are my new role model!

A final thought: I loved all these women for coming out, doing their things, and having fun. Not all of them were super slim, either. I thought it was great that they could come out with bellies and thighs and butts and be self-confident and sexy. However, they all looked like shit in thongs and g-strings, confirming my belief that no one can possibly look good with a string in her ass.

Here's to a year that's itch-free in the crotch area and full of full-bottomed cotton underwear!