>Sunday in London, Husband and I met up with friends and spent a day walking around. Eventually we met up with other friends for tea. I love afternoon tea in England, especially because of all the yummy tea cakes and scones. Scones really do taste better with clotted cream and strawberry jam smeared all over them. Just saying clotted cream actually sickens me a bit, as I picture clogged arteries and sink pipes with big globs of crud blocking them. (It’s undoubtedly the word clotted that does it for me.) My friend’s husband, who is from New Zealand, warned me that if I ever saw clotted cream in the grocery store, I should not look at the nutritional information. Ever. Seriously, though. That shit is good.

Another delightfully unhealthy item I consumed was Cadbury Mini Creme Eggs. I do so love Cadbury Creme Eggs and was thus pleased to notice that packs of mini creme eggs were sold in the candy machines at every Underground station. (That they even have candy machines on every Underground platform is also amazing.) I bought three packs over the course of my trip so that I could bring home this 8th wonder of the world to share with my New York friends.

Not everything that is good to eat over there is unhealthy, though. London has the best fucking yogurt ever. I was able to enjoy Zingy Rhubarb, Peach & Maracuay (although I have no idea what maracuay is, it is damn tasty), and some sort of Cranberry & other fruit that I can't remember. I love yogurt, so all the variety - and low fat to boot - is super exciting.

Finally, we bought sandwiches and other items from the convenience store in the Knightsbridge Underground stationfor dinner. Is it sad that I have enjoyed my £1 sandwiches as much as the other (more expensive) things?