>Damn, talk about timing!  Just last night I wrote about ways in which people have found CUSS through search engines.  One of the things that surprised me when I investigated their searches is how few porn sites came up when someone typed in unshaved snatch without using quotes.  Even sand in her snatch brought up very few porn sites until I entered “sand in her snatch.”

Well, never ones to let people live their lives, our dear friends at the Bush administration delivered a subpoena to Google earlier today demanding that Google turn over all their search records.  Basically our fearless “defenders” of liberty (if you happen to be rich, and also male, they’ll defend your liberties no matter what how corrupt you are) who launched a war in Iraq to stop their production of weapons of mass destruction “spread democracy” (like it’s margarine or something) have decided that they want to see who is looking at porn.  They are trying to force Google to turn over the IP (internet protocol) address of every person who has done a search that led porn sites to appear.  I know that Bushies claim that they trust families to raise their kids and that government should not interfere in family matters, and blah, blah ,blah.  I guess they don’t trust your family because the pathetic reason Uncle George and his cabal of rightwing lunatics provide for this invasion of privacy and people’s right to access information is to root out porn sites that use deceptive words to lure kids to their pages.  You know, like they so effectively rooted out Osama bin Laden by invading Iraq, a country that had nothing to do with Osama bin Laden.  Whatever.  

Sadly, I fear that anyone who looked up campaign for unshaved snatch with no quotes around the phrase will wind up in the clutches of our “freedom-loving” President.   Sorry about that.  I never meant for anyone to get investigated for reading some (hopefully) amusing commentary on social mores that I try and challenge.  And why do I also have a sneaking suspicion that searches on “birth control” or “abortion” will wind up in this fishing expedition for information on what Americans are up to?  I’m just paranoid, I suppose.  I mean, Bush and pals would never illegally spy on people who disagree with him.  Why would he crack down on feminazis, baby killers, and/or masturbators?  Silly little me to think that adults can read what they want in this “free” country.