>On Jan. 20, I wrote about a naked people bench that I saw in the former East Berlin (For a Good Time, Sit Here )*. I said that I would try and post a picture that I had. I scanned it in tonight:

Of course the picture is not as clear in reality as it is in my head, but if you squint at it a bit, I believe you can just make out a very high, very round wooden bench boob on the woman part on the right side of the picture, and a very long wood (ha ha) bench penis on in the bottom left corner on the guy part of the bench. (Plus the tip of my awesome ginormous Triple Fat Goose down coat is just visible! Man, that was a great coat.)

Note that the picture was from 1997, long before your average schnook could afford a digital camera. (If they even had them back then.) That is my excuse for the poor quality of the picture. At any rate, that artist had a great sense of humor, and I hope I could convey enough to get a sense of how cool Berlin was when I was there in December 1997.

*Thanks to my bro-in-law for teaching me that bit of HTML magic!!!