>It seems like I’m not the only one obsessing in a seething manner about the whole “dinner whore” article from last Thursday’s New York Post, as a few others out there in the blogosphere have commented on it.  I was rereading the whole thing and came across a picture of Brooke Parkhurst and her dinner whore friend Mimi Fowler (an overeducated stripper from Cambridge – what a cliché!) and decided that all that dinner whoring must take a toll on a person.  Brooke and Mimi are each 4 years younger than I am but look like they could be my significantly older sisters from a parent’s previous marriage.  Feigning interest in someone for free caviar is just so sad and repulsive.

Of course, a middle aged man attempting to wine and dine a woman his daughter’s age is even more pathetic.  (Yes, I know that I live in a “narrow prison of a mind” according to some anonymous soul who didn’t like my previous thoughts on the topic, but tough titty.  It’s comfortable in there.)  I’m not letting them get away with their nasty habits and solely blaming the women for their behavior.  It takes two to eat caviar for two.