>So last night/early this morning, the following comment by my blog nemesis was left on my little post about g-strings:

Belle said...
you're an ignorant bitch. stop posting on my site.
12:53 AM

My, my. Someone has a bee in her bonnet (or maybe a g-string in her ass. That certainly makes me crabby). I may have called Belle a cuntface whore here, but I never said she was stupid. I think that calling me an ignorant bitch is completely unfair. I may be a bitch, but I am actually a highly informed one. (Unlike Belle, I didn't need to work at Fox News to learn that they are tyrants.)

My dear Belle should remember that she made her blog public. Not everyone has to agree with it. I’m sorry if I shattered her sheltered cool existence as one of four women, four anonymous blogs, four scandals, and one city, to paraphrase her little description of her downtown lifestyle as one of the privileged beautiful people. She did ask readers if we’d watch a show about her life in New York. Pardon me and my ignorance if I happen to think it sounds like a clichéd Sex and the City rip off. (The one time I watched Sex in the City, I didn’t like it, either. It was great that the characters were such great friends and always there for each other, but I couldn’t relate to any other aspects of their lives. Somehow I don’t think that will come as a shock to anyone.) At least when I posted my comment on her site, I bothered using correct capitalization in my sentences.

Anyway, I will certainly stop posting on her site, although she can’t stop me from complaining about her on my own. The funny thing about this “one city” is that it is home to thousands of people who lead radically different lives. It’s what I love about New York and thrive on, and I hope that Belle one day understands that. (It would also be great if she learns to write, but that’s hoping for a lot.)