> Based on the extremely large success of the giant stuffed penis, I decided to make my college roommate a giant stuffed Glenn Danzig doll. She was totally in love with him, and frequently told people that she was saving her “golden snatch for Glenn.” This way she could literally sleep with Glenn whenever she desired. I even made a big dick for Glenn, as you might note from the bulge in his sex faux leather pants made out of felt.

(Incidentally, the silver scribble over Plush Glenn's face is the actual autograph of Glenn Danzig, who I completely disturbed when I presented the picture of me with Plush Glenn for an autograph at a comic convention I accompanied my friend to so that we could see him. Now, if you have ever heard Glenn's music or worse, read his comic books, which are extremely violent and sexually graphic, frequently in the same scene, you will find it as hilarious as I do that I made him nervous. On the other hand, I find it fair to say that if anyone came up to me with a Plush Suzanne, I'd also think a restraining order would be a reasonable option, although a short, hairy, and fat 21 year old is a lot less scary have a short, hairy, and buff heavy metal rock star.)