Theo is sporting my all time favorite kind of underwear - Jockey bikini briefs. They provide excellent front and rear coverage, and the elastic bands at the leg hold them firmly in place. Wedgies are never a problem! (Although I did buy a few pair that were a size too small and the elastic is so tight that they practically cut off the circulation to my legs.) I have these undies in many fine colors: light blue, dark blue, white, gray, beige (ecru if you want to be fancy), and as seen, pink. They are 100% cotton and come in packs of three for $15. (I wait for Macy's or other stores to have a sale and usually get them for $12, which I still think is a little pricey, but they are worth it.)

In this shot, Theo is luxuriating in the designer undies of Calvin Klein. Generally, I do not buy single pairs of undies (I like them protected in a tidy box or bag), and certainly not designer undies, but I was in Chicago for a conference last November and had a minor situation, which led me to purchase them. (No, I did not crap or piss my pants.) I was staying at my parents' house in the 'burbs and commuting downtown to the conference. My fancy gym happens to have a branch across the street from where the conference was held, so I packed a gym bag and planned to workout while I was downtown. As I was heading downtown, I realized that I forgot to pack a pair of clean underwear to change into after I worked out and showered. Fortunately, the Lord & Taylor (or was it Marshall Field's?) at Water Tower place was having a sale and I ran in to buy some (hopefully) clean undies to change into after my workout. These cute CKs were marked down to $2.99 (about 75% off), which is a fair price, so I bought them. I love the fake fly on the front. I thought that they'd be huge, but sadly, my ass is much bigger than I thought, and I should have gotten a bigger size for better ass-and-gut coverage. Still, they are good enough, and Theo definitely looks very nice in them.

Tomorrow, Theo will bring a Victoria's Secret quartet to life.