>Now that I have accepted the thong/g-string challenge, I thought I should share some of my current favorite underwear. However, I was not sure how to do this as I was warned by my husband not to post pictures of myself in my underwear. (His wisdom was, “Once your ass is on the internet, you can never get it back again. It’s out there forever.”) I clearly needed a model.

This is my 17 year old bear friend, Theo. As you can see, he is very stylish with his scarf. He is also very confident with his sexuality, which is why he agreed to help me out by modeling my favorite styles of underwear.

Theo is wearing my very last pair of granny panties. These have been around since I weighed 167 lbs, which was at least 7 years ago. I got rid of the rest of my old fat undies, but kept the last pair, partly out of sentimentality and partly because sometimes you just need a pair of undies that pretty much go up to your chin.

Theo is looking good in my Emily the Strange Snow White undies. (In case it is not entirely clear, the front has an apple on the crotch and the back says, "What's your poison?" Hilarious!) These came with a matching camisole of Emily offering up an apple. I bought the set last year on sale for $10 - which I thought was a pretty great deal – at the Army-Navy Surplus on Belmont in Chicago. It’s the first matching set of underwear that I’ve owned since I had Underoos. Unfortunately, since I have almost no torso (I have less than an inch between my rib cage and hips), the camisole fits quite poorly as it is way too long, so I am unable to wear it over my shirt as I did with my Underoos so everyone can see how awesome it looks.

Anyway, thanks for coming to my little Victoria’s Secret-style fashion show. Theo was happy to help by modeling two out of four of my favorite undies, with another photo session to come. Remember, as I have noted in the past, real people do not look the same in lingerie as the models do. So since I am using a model, this is not what I personally would look like in my undies. (My gut sticks out more, and given my model, I am actually less plush.) Don't get any ideas.