> My sister and her husband came to visit me and my husband in New York over Memorial Day weekend, and we took them to Century 21 departement store, which is a fun store in lower Manhattan that sells designer (and not-so-designer) stuff at discounts. My sister bought a pair of jeans for $16, which she was pleased with. I bought these underwear that say "I Love Justin" on the ass for $2.99. Basically, I saw them and another pair that I swore said "I Love Anton" as we browsed in the lingerie department. I was surprised and delighted that they had undies that said "I Love Justin," even if I thought Justin and Anton were sort of random names to have. No wonder why they wound up at a discount store, I told my sister. She looked at me oddly and said that the underwear referred to Justin Timberlake. Then I realized that the other undies actually said Ashton, not Anton, which made a lot more sense. Anyway, they are great undies as they provide very full ass coverage. (Note how Theo's entire body basically fits in them.) I wish they were all cotton, but 95% will do. I try not to wear them to the gym, though.

The following three pairs of St. Eve underwear I got in the children's department of the Kohl's outlet store in Gurnee Mills Mall in Gurnee, IL. They were a fairly good deal, like 3 for $10.

It's hard to see, but these underwear have three little mice on them. The back says, "lil' troublemaker." The dot over the i is actually a small heart. I think they are hilarious. However, as a children's XL, I admit they are a little lower than I'd like and provide not very good ass coverage. I guess the 12 year olds who normally would wear such cheeky undies don't actually have such large cheeks....

These are cute undies that sort of look like boy's briefs. They have little butterflies on them and say "flutter by..." I'm not sure what that means. Maybe it is a polite message to go the fuck away if you are looking at a 12 year old girl in her underwear. Since I am, in fact, not 12, these underwear are super small on me. I look really horrifying, so I think anyone who sees me in these will be glad to flutter by before their retinas detach. The mice undies are a different cut and thus fit better.

These undies have little hearts on them and a weirdly pleasing color combo of yellow and pink. They are also those cute fake briefs that fit me horribly. Theo looks very nice in them, though.

Thanks again to Theo for his skillful modeling services. He has one more upcoming photo shoot, and then he will retire. Future modeling of underwear (including any ridiculous g-strings or thongs that I buy as part of my experiment) will be done by another plush friend-turned-model.