>I am quite sure that Theo is not the only bear out there confident enough to step up to the plate and model undies when his human companion is too wussy. If anyone else has a plush friend eager to become rich and famous as a human-underwear supermodel (not a plushie - I don't want stuffed animal porn!), I would welcome his/her photos to post on this site. Please email them to me at cussandotherrants@gmail.com. Together, we can rival Victoria's Secret or Frederick's of Hollywood with the best underwear models on the planet!

As for Theo, he is looking forward to his next photo op when I return from Chicago. No more granny undies - only the good stuff!

(And I still have the granny undies because they are like comfort underwear. Or on days when I really can't have my underwear cutting off my gut and causing it to bulge out in two parts in a fancy long dress, underwear that literally goes under my bra creates a disturbingly smooth line. I know that sounds wrong, but it works quite nicely.)