>It seems that I am not the only one who has pushed plushie-dom onto people, albeit unintentionally in my case. (I can’t speak for the others.) Not long after I posted my request for more stuffed animal models on Dec. 2, someone posted a comment wondering what a plushie was. I emailed back to him directly with a definition (later posted on the blog), and his shocked response (reprinted with permission) was this:

Who would do such a thing? Although I do remember having these stuffed puppets (Goldilocks and the 3 Bears) and the hole that you stuck your hand in was different on Goldie - it was right where her pussy/sphincter should have been...omg...I could have been a plushie as a kid!

See? There are some really fucked up toy manufacturers out there.

I think that the perversion is not really limited to stuffed animals, either. I once read a short story in an anthology of stories “inspired by Barbie.” The book could have been totally obnoxious, but fortunately the writers were some fairly twisted individuals and it was a fun and disturbing read. One short story by A.M. Holmes, who is a seriously demented thinker, was about a boy whose sister’s Barbie comes onto him and he eventually succumbs to her wily plastic ways, and masturbates onto/fucks the doll in a climatic ending scene that was both nasty and hilarious. I’m sure that this has happened in real life, but I’ve never heard of a Barbie fucker fetish. I’ll have to do some research into that.