>This evening my husband and I are headed off to visit my friend J. in the Dominican Republic. J. is my oldest friend; we've been friends since her family moved onto my block on April Fool's Day when I was in 4th grade. J. doesn't subscribe to the school of self-censorship, which leads to much hilarity. Once we were having dinner at a restaurant with my husband and my friend Steph. Steph, my husband, and I all got our dishes, and J. was waiting for hers for about 30 seconds before she exasperatedly burst out, "What are they doing - jizzing on it?!?!" At that exact moment, the waiter appeared with her pasta. Fortunately, he didn't speak much English, andd thinking she was asking for something else, he whipped out the parmesean cheese grater adn asked her if she wanted cheese. Steph, Husband, and I shouted, "Yes! She loves cheese."

Anyway, that's why J. is lovable and we'll have a great time touring the DR. I doubt I'll have internet access for most of the trip, but I'll be back in full force with absurd, amusing, insane, and annoying rants and more pictures! The new year will bring the thong experiment as well.