>Today I went to an outlet mall in New Jersey and was able to secure a pair of Calvin Klein g-string underwear for $2.99. They say "have a fantastic day" and have weird pictures on the snatch pouch. Very exciting. Soon I shall be able to begin the g-string and thong experiment, and a sexy stuffed animal will model them for this site.

Also, in doing some online research regarding g-strings, I came across this picture:

(Does this model guy not have the most fucking enormous dick ever? Or are his undies stuffed? I am quite curious.) Also, I learned that there are thongs and g-strings made for men. It just seems that women are bigger suckers and wear them more often. As my friend told me earlier tonight when I mentioned that I bought a g-string, you know it's time to do the laundry when you are actually wearing a thong. How astute.