>My Cosabella Talco thong with a rhinestone monogram B arrived in the mail today. My only disappointment with it is that it is red, not orange as it appeared in the picture on eBay. It's actually kind of cute, too, and feels rather pleasant. A quick look at the label indicates that it is 92% viscose and 8% spandex. (Who knew viscose was so soft/silky?) Not very breathable, and yet totally wedged into your ass. The Giant Stuffed Penis is very excited to model it. His "fat" isn't bulging too badly at the sides. I guess a medium/large size will give you more room. Nice. Even with the merkin hanging all out all over, he looks quite dashing, if I do say so myself. Perhaps this type of undergarment is more wearable with an unshaved snatch than I thought.

As I mentioned at the time I bid on this thong, I was excited because it had the rhinestone monogram B on it. Obviously, Suzanne does not start with a B, so that made it even more amusing to me. Then I remembered that one of my best friends calls me Bee all the time as a nickname for the other nickname she gave me, Bitch, which is of course a nickname for Bea-yotch. (Although according to a recent comment posted on this site, it should actually be IB for "ignorant bitch." I know I should not keep bringing it up, but that still cracks me up. Man oh man.)

The back of this thong also makes me laugh and laugh. What is up with the butt cleavage? It seems like there is an extra dip at the top above the butt so you get top and bottom crack. (Maybe all thongs actually have room for ass cleavage? I'm a thong virgin, so I don't know these things.) Damn, this should be fun to wear. I'm doing some more laundry tomorrow - one benefit of working from home since the strike prevents me from getting to my office - so I should be able to try them out before I go to the DR on Friday.

According to the price tag, this baby cost $30 at some point at Neiman Marcus. While it seems that it was on sale, and I'm guessing deeply discounted for whoever bought it, peeled off the sale tags, and put it up on eBay for $2.99, I still feel like I got a good deal. I've never owned anything from Neiman Marcus before, either. So this is a two-fer: first Neiman Marcus item (albeit indirect) and first thong.