>Yay! My computer access is back...

Anyway, last night I was on my way to a pro-choice event (the real pro-lifers, let's be honest, are pro-choice since we support living women) in New Haven and reading Entertainment Weekly on the train. There's an article about Brokeback Mountain and it had lots of pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger. My initial reaction was so "girlie" gossipy: Jake Gyllenhall is so fucking hot. But you know, Peter Saarsgard, who is not in this movie, is also fucking hot. I thought that if only Peter was cast in Brokeback Mountain instead of Heath, I could see the appeal of two guys having sex. I've never really thought about gay porn (although I have a female friend who swears it is good shit), but thinking about Peter and Jake, it makes sense.

See, here I was going to just post a normal "girlie" gossip-y thing about thinking that an actor was hot, but I fucked it up. I try to be normal once in a while, I really do. I just can't help my twistedness. It always triumphs in the end. (I wish Peter would too - ha ha ha...)