>I discovered something this weekend that made me question my understanding of how the world works: ATA, airline of the unwashed masses (myself included), has great smelling bathrooms. Seriously, they must pump in some light incense or something, because they really smell nice. In the past, I’d come to doubt the existence of the mile high club (see Nov. 15, It's a Bird, it's a Plane... It's Super Fucker! ) because every plane bathroom I’d been in had been so gross smelling that only someone into autoerotic asphyxiation could possibly want to have sex in it. But ATA’s bathrooms actually smell almost sexy. Of course, there was inevitably pee on the floor, which kills the romantic setting in my opinion, and the bathroom is still too small for any two non-contortionists to possibly get it on without risk of injury, but at least one of the obstacles to kinky plane sex was removed. Go ATA!