>The transit strike in New York City has reminded me of the importance of practical footwear. My friend and I were talking this morning about how last transit strike, in 1980, led women to wear gym shoes with their suits as they walked to work. The habit hung around even after the strike ended, as comfort continued to win over "style" in communting. How sad that we have forgotten such an important lesson.

According to Neiman Marcus, these $645 Manolo Blahnik shoes are for “Daytime.” Yes, because it is so practical to wear to work. It just adds the right touch of glamour to every secretarial/teaching/waitressing job. Perfect for commuters as they jam onto the subway:

Guy: Excuse me, ma’am, but your shoe is grinding a hole in my foot!
Shoe wearer: But that can’t be – my heel is nowhere near your foot!
Guy: No, but the fucking point on the tip of the toe is drilling a hole in my heel! Back the fuck up!

Anyway, if you hate me, want to cause me pain, and have lots of money to waste (or if you want to make me laugh/cry at the sadness of spending $645 on a fucking pair of heinous shoes), I wear a size six. Shoes like this are one reason I could never get into Sex and the City.