>What is Sexy? The answer to that question, posed in a Victoria's Secret marketing campaign from this past fall, is clearly not the following underwear:

Man, this model is straining to make these briefs sexy. She's trying so hard, she's a little contorted. Of course, I own two pairs in this style. They might not be sexy, but they sure are comfortable.

Theo looks very nice in my pair of Victoria's Secret briefs. I like that these make him feel relaxed enough to model them in a sitting pose. I'm pretty sure that I bought the briefs at one of the semi-annual clearance sales Victoria's Secret always seems to be having. You can get some good deals there. However, even the best deal or cutest bear model cannot hide the basic hideousness of these undies. First, they are some weird lilac. Second, they have butterflies and flowers on them. They look like they were made for an overgrown second grader. Sometimes I don't know what I am thinking when I buy things. I will say that they are very comfy to wear.

Even the Giant Stuffed Penis and his merkin look silly, but comfortable in these underwear. The other pair that I have in this style are the same green swirl pattern as the scary and disturbing string bikini ones that Theo modeled on Dec. 7. What is most interesting about these granny undies is that pubes from unshaved snatch still hang out, despite the slightly more substantial coverage. My friend Steph reviewed the picture and commented that she thought that the merkin didn't, in fact, hang out enough to be accurate.