>I recently read in Entertainment Weekly that Rod Stewart is a dad for the 6th time at the age of 60. His current wife is a spry 34. I wondered what the hell was wrong with his wife, and for that matter, every cuntface idiot who married a guy who could be her father.

This is another rant about stupid things that women do that infuriate me. Why on earth would you not be utterly disgusted by a guy who wants to fuck a woman who is his daughter’s age, or worse, younger? Has that not occurred to people that such a desire is extremely nasty and perverse? Not that I ever want to compare adult women with children, but think about it: if your paramour expressed his sexual attraction to you when he was a young adult and you were an infant, it would be child abuse and molestation. No matter what, you can never close that age gap. An older guy who lusts after younger women has a problem. Of course, our culture fetishizes the sexual desirability of young women, so you almost can’t blame them, but I will anyway because I am mean and judgmental and older men leeching onto much younger women gross me out.
I have given extensive thought the topic and decided that there should be no more than 15 years separating a couple or else it gets gross. That’s for either sex. Really, I don’t think more than 10 years, but I’m willing to stretch a little and go out to 15. Otherwise, you just get women with weird daddy issues (assuming the guy is older, as is usually the case) and perverted old men trying to pretend they are young while they show off their Electra-complex women. The rule means that Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are safe, but that Bill Clinton, Tony Randall, Rod Stewart, Bruce Willis, Kevin Costner, et al. are disgusting.