>Shocking, I know. My friend send me a clip of an ABC New Story about a mother who bought her kid some Bratz Dolls for Christmas. When her daughter looked under tthe doll's mini skirt, she was horrified to find that the doll had on a thong. The kid had the good sense to think that was nasty, though. Good for her, especially with all those reports that girls as young as nine wear thongs and g-strings. (Although who knows whether this is a real trend or one of those media scare pieces?)

Here's a question that occured to me as soon as I saw the piece was about Bratz: Why the fuck would anyone be surprised that the dolls wear thongs? Everything else they wear is inappropriately sexy, especially Bratz Babyz (my emphasis)? If you are giving your kid a hooker baby doll to play with, should you really be worried about protecting her innocence? Barbie's got nothing on these demented dolls. Yeesh.